TPO29 独立写作范文

2022-05-29 06:33:24

  To improve the quality of education, universities should spend more money on salaries for university professors.

  The world over, education is the epitome of a prosperous country. However, the system and ways of educating are becoming complicated as many people try to forge out what would be the meritorious way of remedying the quality of education at universities. It is a common outcry that professors' salaries being augmented is one of the cardinal solutions to improving the quality of education. These are custodians of knowledge to whom students look up to for better performance so as to have a good career in life. I do partake that it actually holds water to increase professors’ salaries.

  It is prudent to say that professors being the main tap of knowledge for students need to have a contented heart to impart knowledge, and one of the ways of being gratified is to hike their pay. In fact, a horde of professors that are paid less do not have the urge of teaching students as teaching itself is meant to be, but teach because it is the only likelihood of earning something. In many countries, professors eat by the hand, and are evoked into doing jobs outside their normal teaching schedule. In this way, there is little preparation for lectures and at the end, performances are in a worrying state. To come to terms with the increasing standard of living so as to avoid such behavior, professors should earn a substantial fee.