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  Title Overdosing on nothing (顺势疗法)

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  1. ix

  A段首句An international protest this week aims to demonstrate the truth about homeopathy-that there’s literally nothing in it, says Martin Robbins AT 10.23 am on 30 January, more than 300 activities in the UK, Canada, Australia and the US will take part in a mass homeopathic “overdose”.

  2. v

  B段首句That such a protest is even necessary in 2010 is remarkable, but somehow the homeopathic industry has not only survived into the 21st century, but prospered(繁荣=booming).

  3. i

  C段首句The discipline is based on three “laws”: The law of similar, the law of infinitesimals and the law of succession.

  4. vii

  D段line8-10 “homeopathic remedies have consistently been shown to be no better than a placebo. Of course, the placebo effect is quite powerful”

  D段末尾..., homeopathic remedies have consistently been shown to be no better than a placebo. Of course, the placebo effect is quite powerful, but it's a bit like justifying building a car without any wheels on the basis that you can still enjoy the comfy leather seats and play with the gear shift.

  5. iv

  E段倒数3-4行He defended Boot’s decision to sell homeopathic remedies on the grounds of consumer choice.

  6. viii

  F段You might also argue that homeopathy is harmless: If people want to part with their money for sugar pills and nobody is breaking the law, why not let them? To some extent that’s true-there’s only so much damage you can do with sugar pills short of feeding them to a diabetic or dropping a large crate of them on some’s head.

  7. iii

  G段第二句Homeopathy has many ways to sidestep awkward questions, such as rejecting the validity of randomized controlled trails, or claiming that homeopathic remedies only work if you have symptoms of the malady they purport to cure.


  8. TRUE

  A段The aim of the “10:23” campaign, led by Merseyside Skeptics Society, based in Liverpool, UK, is to raise public awareness of just exactly what homeopathy is, and to put pressure on the UK’s leading pharmacist, Boots, to remove the remedies from sale. The campaign is called 10:23 in honor of the Avogadro constant, of which more later.

  9. FALSE

  B段第二句In the UK alone more than 40 million is spent annually on homeopathic treatments with 4million of this being sucked from the National Health Service budget.“每年有四千多万英镑花在顺势治疗上,其中四百万英镑来源于英国国民医疗保健预算。”题干说“英国国民医疗保健预算从顺势治疗上获得利润”。两者矛盾。所以False。

  10. TRUE

  C段第二句The law of similar states that something which causes your symptoms will cure your symptoms, so that, for example, as caffeine keeps you awake, it can also be a cure for insomnia.

  非常经典的出题,C段前几句按照顺势疗法倡导的“以毒攻毒similar” 理论,得出咖啡因应该是可以治疗失眠的;然而原文C段第4句,....of course... that makes little sense (这根本站不住脚),因为喝咖啡只会让你保持清醒(不会治疗失眠)

  11. TRUE

  F段倒数第2句However, we believe there is a risk in perpetuating the notion that homeopathy is equivalent to modern medicine.

  12. FALSE

  E段第五行“I have no evidence before me to suggest that they are efficacious,” Bennet replied.


  13. FALSE

  F段末句People may delay seeking appropriate treatment for themselves or their children.



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  Title不同公司motor car的设计

  Question typesMatching Features 5题

  Short-answer Questions 7题

  Multiple Choice 1题

  文章内容回顾15-19 Matching Features

  A. The Ford (American, Henry Ford)

  B. The BMC’s Mini

  C. Cadillac and Lincoln (American)

  D. Mercedes-Benz (German)

  E. Mazda

  F. Jeep

  G. NSU’s “Wankel engine” car

  H. Maserati, Ferrari, and Lancia

  15. The company which began the first manufacture of automobiles.选D

  16. The company that produces the industrialized cars that consumers can afford.选A

  17. The example of auto which improved the space room efficiency.选B

  18. The type of auto with greatest upgraded overall performance in Post-war era.选G

  19. The type of autos still keeping an advanced sale even during a seemingly unproductive period.选C

  20-26 Short-answer Questions

  20. What is a common feature of modem cars' engine type since late 19th century? Petrol-fueled internal combustion

  21. In the past, what did the rich take owing a car as? Token of identity

  22. How long did Ford's assembly line take to produce a car?93 minutes

  23. What does people call the Mazda car designed under Wankel engine? Polluting gas-guzzler

  24. What is the major historical event that led American cars to suffer when competing with Japanese imported cars? 0il crisis

  25. What has greatly increased with computerised engine management systems? Power

  26. What factor is blamed for contributing to pollution, climate change and global warming? Fuel, gasoline or diesel

  27 Multiple choice

  27. What is the main idea of this passage? 选B

  A. The historical contribution of the Ford's mass production assembly line

  B. The historical development and innovation in car designs

  C. The beginning of the modern designed gasoline engines

  D. The history of human and the Auto industry




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  Question typesSentence Completion