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  When a company needs to hire someone for a managerial position, there is often a choice between promoting an employee who is already working inside the company or bringing in a person from outside. Hiring a qualified outsider is often to a company's advantage for several reasons。




  hire 雇佣,聘用

  managerial 管理的,经理的

  promote 提拔,晋升

  qualified 有资格的,有资历的,合格的

  outsider 外人,局外者


  1. hire:employ,take on 雇佣,聘用

  2. position:location,stand, standing 位置,地位,立场

  3. qualified:eligible 合格的


  1. there is often a choice between A and B. A和B常为热议的两种选择,解决方法等,这个句型在写作中很常见

  2. A is to one's advantage…A对于。。。来说更有利,更有优势。写作中如果在A和B之间选了A的话,可以用这个句型。


  An important reason for hiring outsiders as managers is that they bring a new perspective. This contributes to the diversity of ideas and allows company practices to be seen in a new light. Often, an outsider hire will ask, "What's the reason for doing things that way?" This question may lead to a reevaluation of practices that are actually inefficient but have become so much a part of the routine that it is difficult for insiders to question them。




  perspective 角度,视角

  diversity 多样化

  reevaluation 重新评估

  inefficient 不足的,不够的

  question 质疑

  contribute to 导致,贡献


  1. important:necessary, essential, vital, imperative 重要的,必要的

  2. perspective:viewpoint,outlook,aspect,standpoint 角度,层面

  3. diversity:difference,multiplicity 多样化

  4. inefficient:inadequate,helpless 无效的,效率低的

  5. question:doubt,query 疑问,质问


  1. bring a new perspective (to) sth 为。。。带来新的视角,理解

  2. do(think, consider, see, view, evaluate) sth in a new light 从新的角度去思考,审视,评估某事

  3. an important reasons for sth/doing sth is that+从句 做。。。的一个重要理由是。。。 此句型可以引出分论点哦


  Another major factor to be considered is the cost of on-the-job training. Hiring outsiders allow a company to look for people who already have the particular skills and experience required for the job. The company will not have to spend time and money training an internal employee for the new job----something that has to be done when, for example, an employee is promoted from a technical position to a managerial one. In such a case, usually the employee would be sent to classes to help learn needed managerial skills。




  major 主要的

  factor 因素

  particular 特别的,独有的,详细的

  internal 内部的

  on-the-job training 在职培训


  1. factor:element,basic,essential 因素,元素

  2. particular:special,exclusive,detailed 特别的,详细的,专门的

  3. consider:think,find,view 考虑,认为

  4. internal,inner,inherent,inside 内部的,内在的

  5. training:education,cultivation,drilling 培训,教育,操练


  1. another major factor to be considered is sth/that+从句 另外一个要考虑的因素是。。。。。。 此句型可用于引出第二个分论点哦


  Finally, managers hired from the outside will often have business contacts with suppliers, customers, and technicians that they have developed in their previous job. Clearly these contacts can be a valuable asset for the company that hires managers from the outside。




  contact 接触,联系?supplier 供应商

  technician 技术人员

  previous 之前的,先前的

  asset 资产,财产


  1. contact:touch,link,meet 联系,接触

  2. business:commerce,trade 商务,商业

  3. customer:consumer,client 顾客,客户

  4. previous:ago,fore 之前的,先前的

  5. asset:property,virtue,finances 资产,财产



  An important reason for hiring outsiders as managers is that they bring a new perspective。

  一个重要的原因就是从外部聘请的管理者会带来一种新的视角。 The new perspective an outsider brings into the company's corporate structure often leads to conflict in the managerial team。


  Another major factor to be considered is the cost of on-the-job training。

  另外考虑到的一个重要因素是在职培训的费用。 Another point to note is that hiring outsiders may entail an additional cost that perhaps isn't obvious。


  Finally, managers hired from the outside will often have business contacts with suppliers,

  customers and technicians。

  最后,外部聘用的管理者有相关工作和领域的供应商,客户和技术员的人脉关系, When key employees leave, they will also take their valuable business contacts away with them to their new employer。