TPO17 托福独立写作范文

2022-06-07 00:54:09


  Most advertisements make products seem much better than they really are.

  With the development of public media, more and more advertisements appear on television programs, newspapers or magazines. Advertisements exert great influences on people when we think of buying something. As for me, I strongly agree that most advertisements make the products seem much better than what they really are because of the initial aim of advertising, the artistry and celebrity effects of advertisements.

  In the first place, advertisements are used to persuade people to buy more products, and most of them only publicize the advantages of the products and ignore the disadvantages. Last summer, my mother watched a piece of amazing advert on television. In the advertisement, a man squeezed juice, made ice cream, and even minced meat with this machine. She bought the machine without any hesitation. To her disappointment, the processor broke down only after a couple of days. My mother had to pay extra money to change the cutter head. She regretted why she bought the product only because of the advertisement even without giving any consideration to the quality and after service. Another example is the experience of my brother who works in a big advertising company. He told me that every time they got a new case, they learnt both the advantages and disadvantages from the manufactures. However, what they only needed to do was concentrate on the good qualities which they called “selling points”. Therefore, advertising is not about showing you a product; it is about showcasing a product to make it viable as a commercial product.

  In addition, advertisement, as a form of art, contributes to the better artistic effects as a development in this field. Advertisements nowadays are totally different. Creative ideas from talented advertising designers and amazing pictures produced by high technologies attract people’s eyes and successfully encourage people to buy products. It reminds me of a recent P&G shampoo advertisement. It shows a cocoon that slowly unravels into a beautiful young woman with butterfly wings. Her long, flyaway hair together with the delicate scene makes her look like an angel.

  Finally, the celebrity effect in the advertisement also makes products seem better than what they really are. All too often we observe people buy something merely because their favorite singers or movie stars endorse them. Moreover, that the beautiful or handsome look of the stars and their special social status enhances the quality and taste of the products, thus making products seem better than what they really are.

  To sum up, advertisements are made to encourage people buy the products no matter what the products are really like in reality. The fancy artistic effects and the appeal of celebrities are also of great help. Therefore, most advertisements make the products seem better than what they really are.