TPO22 托福独立写作范文

2022-05-18 07:27:16


  Teachers should not make their social or political views known to students in the classroom.

  Normally teachers are supposed to guide students to learn knowledge and help them to build an independent mind. What should teachers do to gain these goals? Should teachers share their social and political views with students in the classroom? Some people are against it because they think saying something like that in a classroom will waste the time of learning something useful, while some others think it would help students to gain a better understanding of the world. As for me, I believe that whether to teach something about the society or politics depends on what age of the students one is teaching and what lessons it is.

  To begin with, let us talk about young children who study in elementary schools and high schools. The students at such young age are too young to understand social and political views of a society. They cannot fully understand what the teachers are talking about but accept it without any independent thinking. Instead of talking about social or political views, it is wiser for teachers to get the facts known by students and ask what they are thinking about them. As for students in high school, teachers need to pay more attention to how to let them gain more knowledge and facts by themselves and try to give opinions by themselves. Teachers should do their best to build an atmosphere for students to discuss with others so that all students can gain better understanding of what is discussed.

  However, as for students who are studying at universities, teachers should include some social and political events during class. We know that students at university are old enough to distinguish good and bad things. It is time for them to think about our country, our society and of cause our government and politics. Because after graduating from university, these students will step into society which means they are going to face a challenging world. If students have obtained more information about political and social aspects, they will be able to adjust to the society more quickly. As a result, students can make more contribution to their country and also get a better living standard.

  To sum up, I would like to say, people at different periods in their life should obtain different information, so whether teachers should teach something about society or politics depends on what age of the students one is teaching.