TPO19 托福独立写作范文

2022-05-23 23:13:26


  In order to be well-informed, a person must get information from many different news resources.

  Nowadays, as the world is progressing more quickly than before, trying to acquire a variety of information based on solid and trustworthy resources is getting more and more important. Therefore, I strongly agree that to be well-informed, people should obtain sufficient knowledge through diverse news supplies.

  Firstly, a large amount of news resources enable people to receive updated news happened within the shortest time. Living in an information-explosion era, people have to absorb adequate knowledge to be sure that they can keep up with the changing pace of society. Thanks to the internet and the portable devices invented, we can browse any news pages at our convenient time. I have subscribed to a wide range of news suppliers focused on different areas, for instance, New York Times, Thomas Reuters and CnBeta, a famous website for the latest technology information. As a result, I gain full knowledge of what the newest development is around the world.

  Secondly, with enough resources, I can have an all-round picture of the news because the story being developed varies from different reporters with different personal perspectives. Once in the course of news writing, we were asked to write a piece of news about a fire based on several raw materials. After reviewing the work of other students, I was surprised to realize that the contents of the reports ranged from rescue to the consequences caused by the disastrous fire. Likewise, the news, either from newspaper or the internet, demonstrates a certain part of a story. Thus, we need to obtain the whole story from different resources.

  Thirdly, plenty of news supplies can help us distinguish which news is more reliable. Even though making mistakes should be avoided when reporting a piece of news, it still happens frequently because news agencies produce enormous information every day and they would never make sure each single piece of news is 100 percent right, let alone to say that in some circumstances the sources of the news are partially incorrect or being obscured. I have encountered some news, of which the statistics included are just round numbers instead of precise ones, or the quotes being used are said by people who heard about the story instead of the witnesses. News with mistakes or unclear information will give rise to wrong decisions which affect people adversely.

  In conclusion, getting information from many different news sources plays an essential role for people to be well-informed.