2022-05-21 01:38:34


  1. 一般不用被动语态的动词或动词短语

  lead, cause, enable, become, receive, visit, visit, lack, enter, cost, possess, resemble, last, like, enjoy, notice, watch, look at, listen to, pay attention to, suit, fit, contain, so as to do, be able to, be likely to do

  2. 既可以用主动语态也可以用被动语态的动词

  change, close, determine, end, finish, head, interest, issue, open, train

  sth. be aimed at doing; sb aim to do sth

  sth be intended to do sth; sb intend to do sth

  sth be targeted at sth; sb target sth

  3. 直接加-ing分词作宾语的动词或动词短语

  - acknowledge, avoid, admit, enjoy, escape, suggest, assure, advocate, forbid, permit, favor, recommend, resist, risk, involve, deny, include

  - give up, credit to (把...计入...), aim to (目的在于), contribute to (导致), in contrast to (和...相反), be suppose to (??? be supposed to do), object to (反对), be opposed to (反对), amount to (等于), be exposed / committed / limited / devoted to, lead to, be educated to, be / become accustomed / used to

  - aid sb in doing, prevent / keep / prohibit / save sb from doing, accuse sb. of doing

  - be expert at, be good at, criticize... for, praise...for, be capable of, be busy, have difficulty (in), have trouble (in)

  - propose doing