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  76. There is now one fore every 32 pupils, four time as many as there were 4 years ago ( four time modify ratio)

  77. Three out of every four automobile …

  78. Allow sb to do/ have begun

  79. The amount of grain farmer will be allowed to grow

  80. Seem to indicate that

  81. Use a to do/use a as b ( wrong: use a to be b) –

  82. Be used for the purpose such as …

  83. With intention of doing ..

  84. Intended to do …

  85. A is prized as game animal

  86. More closely integrated than ever ---

  87. Prohibit xxx from doing

  88. Amount to

  89. Except for

  90. Where there are few services and little available water

  91. Require of sb that ; require that; (sth be required of sb wrong: sb required of sth ?); require sb to do; (wrong: require of sb to do) –

  92. Pay for job

  93. Income for family

  94. Rates for

  95. Premium for auto insurance

  96. Cost of a to b in lost …= a cost b in lost …

  97. Invest in

  98. Research to do

  99. Claim to be able to/claim that

  100. Sb is acclaimed as