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  剑桥雅思4听力Test2听力原文Section1 Task1

  SALLY: Oh, Peter, there you are. You've been ages.What kept you so long?

  PETER: I'm sorry I'm so late, Sally. Have you beenwaiting long?

  SALLY: Oh, half an hour. But it doesn't matter. I'vehad a coffee and I've been reading this guidebook fortourists.

  SAllY: Sit down. You look very hot and tired. Whatwould you like to drink?

  PETER: I'd love a really chilled mineral water orsomething. Will you have another coffee?

  SALLY: Yes, I will. The waitress will be back in amoment. Why were you so late? Did something happen?

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  PETER: Yes. You know I went to the bank to cashsome travellers cheques?Well, the exchange ratewas looking healthy, but when I went to the teller,they told me the computer system was temporarilydown, so they couldn't do any transactions.Theysaid the problem would be fixed in a few minutes, soI waited. And then I started talking to another guy inthe bank, and I forgot the time.

  SALLY: Oh, really? Someone you met in the bank?Does he work there?

  PETER: No, he was a tourists from New York. Hisname's Henry, and he's been here for a week, buthe's moving on to Germany tomorrow. He's an architect,and he's spending four weekstravelling around Europe.

  SALLY: Just like us!

  PETER: Yeah, just like us. He told me the names of some places where we should eat.

  Great food,and not too expensive, he said. Oh, and he also gave me this map of the bussystem. He said he didn't need it any more.

  SALLY: That's useful. Pity he's moving on tomorrow. Ah, here's the waitress. Let's order.Doyou want anything to eat, or shall we just have a drink?

  PETER: Well, I'm hungry, and we've got a lot of sightseeing to do, so let's just have a snackand a drink.

  SALLY: Sounds good to me!


  PETER: Well, let's decide what we'll see today. Iguess the best place to start is the Cathedral, andthen the Castle. What are the opening times forthose two?

  SALLY: Well, according to this guidebook, theCathedral is only open from nine-thirty in themorning until midday. No, hang on. That's theCathedral Museum. The Cathedral itself is openmorning and afternoon.The Castle is just open fromone to five, so we can't go there until after lunch.Ireally want to spend some time in the Art Gallery,because they've got this wonderful painting byRembrandt that I've always wanted to see.

  PETER: What else should we see?

  SALLY: Well, the guidebook says the Botanical Gardens are worth spending some time in, andthey're open all day,from eight to six, so we can go there any time.

  I'd like to go to the Markets near the river too, but …oh …no, wait, that's only in the mornings,too.

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  So the counselling services we offer deal with anyproblems arising from your studies, or in your lifeoutside the university.Let's take academiccounselling. If you're confused about subjects orhow to combine them in your degree, then we canadvise you and discuss the career you are aiming for,so that you can see it all in context.We can alsochase up your tutor if you're not getting properfeedback on how you are getting on in yoursubject.Besides help with academic problems, youmay also need personal counselling: if you thinkyou're already under stress, well, just wait till classesbegin next week.You'll have to start adjusting to teaching and learning methods that may beunfamiliar to you, as well as the mounting pressure as the deadline for that first assignmentcreeps up on you.

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  And of course, you have to cope with all this withoutyour usual social network -you know, the socialcontacts, family and friends you could normally relyon for help.All of this causes anxiety. Studyingoverseas can trigger a personal crisis -you may haveleft a lot of what you might call 'unfinished business'back in your own country,or you may haveinterrupted personal relationships or evensometimes have broken them off to comeoverseas,and so the student often feels lonely,unhappy, unmotivated and unable to concentrateon studying.Or there may be other things botheringyou.Our resident chaplain can offer you spiritual guidance if that's what you want,or we canput you in touch with community groups that can provide you with social contacts andfriendship.

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  What about exam stress?It affects nearly everyoneto some extent, but especially overseas studentslike yourselves.There may be a huge amount ofFamily pressure on you to succeed,and if you fail asubject or drop out of a course because it's toodifficult then your self-esteem can suffer.But it's notthe end of the world if you don't pass an exam.I hadto resit First Year Anthropology, so I can certainlyoffer you a sympathetic ear!Anyway, exam failurecan lead to worrying changes in the way younormally behave.You may also be off your food,oryou may have dietary problems because the localfood is not to your liking and upsets you, and this can affect your health and studies.GlendaRoberts is our dietician in the Health Service and we can put you on to her.

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  And we all have money problems, don't we?Butremember, full-time students can get a low-interestloin of up to six hundred dollars to buy hooks andfor similar study-related expenses.That's right, andyou can get double that amount if you can't affordan item of equipment you need for your course -- amusical instrument,for example.And it doesn'tstop there.When you move into a flat, starting-upexpenses including furniture for it, can be covered bya loan through the Welfare Service - see Jill Freemanfor details.Can we help you? Well, last academicyear, in spite of staff cuts, we counselled twohundred and forty international students for a total of twenty-six hundred hourscounselling,and finally we won all but just one of the twelve appeals that we launched on behalfof students.Not too bad for an understaffed service, don't you think?That's all from me. Thankyou.