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  1. Two angles of a triangle each measure 70°. What is the measure of the third angle in degrees?

  A. 40°

  B. 80°

  C. 100°

  D. 120°

  E. 140°

  2. If Jack needs 2 ? pints of cream to make a dessert. How many pints will he need to make 3 desserts?

  A. 2 ?

  B. 3

  C. 4

  D. 5

  E. 7 ?

  3. A discount store takes 50% off of the retail price of a desk. For the store's holiday sale, it takes an additional 20% off of all furniture. The desk's retail price was $320. How much is the desk on sale for during the holiday sale?

  A. $107

  B. $114

  C. $128

  D. $136

  E. $192

  4. Which vacation destination is most common for the students?

  A. Beach

  B. Historical Sites

  C. Cruises

  D. Mountains

  E. Other

  5. If 500 students attend Washington Middle School, how many are going to the mountains for vacation?

  A. 25

  B. 60

  C. 75

  D. 100

  E. 125

  6. If a ? of a teaspoon is 1 ml, then how many milliliters are in 6 teaspoons?

  A. 10 ml

  B. 12.5 ml

  C. 15 ml

  D. 20 ml

  E. 24 ml

  7. Which of the following is the correct graph for x≥3 or x≤ -2?

  A. Line A

  B. Line B

  C. Line C

  D. Line D

  E. Line E

  8. A scale on a map states that every ? of an inch represents 20 miles. If two cities are 3 ? inches apart, how many miles are actually between the two cities?

  A. 14 miles

  B. 20 miles

  C. 125 miles

  D. 230 miles

  E. 280 miles

  9. Michelle wants to expand her flowerbed by increasing the length and width each by 2 ft. What will the new area of the flowerbed be, if L and W represent the original dimensions of the flowerbed's length and width?

  A. 2 LW

  B. 2 (L+W

  C. 2L +2W

  D. (L+2 (W+2

  E. LW/2