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  第一篇小说 一个奇怪而庄严的地址

  This passage is adapted from AmitChaudhuri, A Strange and Sublime Address. 1991 by AmitChaudhuri. A ten-year-old boy named Sandeep travels with his mother, his aunt(Mamima), and his uncle (Chhotomama) to visit family in Calcutta, India.


  【解析】引言提到四个人物。主人公Sandeep:ten-year old boy;Mother;Aunt(Mamima);Uncle(Chhotomama)四个人 事件:Visit family in India

  ○1Two boys were playing carrom on the steps of a small, painted shed which had the following words on its wall in large, black letters: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SPORTSMEN. A single table-tennis table inside the shed could be glimpsed through the window. ○2The boys interrupted their game to give Chhotomama directions to the house in a series of sporadic, enthusiastic gestures. Oh yes, they knew the old couple. And yes, their son and daughter-in-law had arrived last night with their first child.

  【阐释】首段分两层。第一层(用○1标示)是一段景物描写,交代事件发生的地点。第二层(用○2标示)是男孩的行为描写(give uncle direction),交代事件是在―指路‖。

  【翻译】○1两个男孩在一个油漆小木屋的台阶上玩着carrom『一种棋盘游戏』,木屋墙上涂着大的黑色字母:国家运动协会。通过窗户,可以瞥见屋内有张乒乓球桌。○2男孩们停下了他们的游戏,用凌乱而热情的手势比划着,给Uncle Chhotomama指出房子的方向。太好了,他们认识那对老夫妇;并且,他们的儿子和媳妇昨晚就同他们的第一个孩子一起到达了。

  ―Is it a girl or a boy?‖ asked Mamima, rolling down the window. ―A girl,‖ said the boy.


  【翻译】―是女孩还是男孩?‖Aunt Mamima摇下车窗问 ―女孩,‖男孩回答。

  Mamima rolled up her window before the mosquitoes came in. The two boys vanished behind them. When they reached the house, they found that the old man was waiting on the verandah with a lantern in his hand. Moths were shuddering round and round the lantern, though the old man was oblivious to them. He had come out because he had heard the throbbing of the engine in the distance. The night had been silent except for the questioning cry of an owl and the continual orchestral sound of crickets in the bushes. The throbbing of the engine had, therefore, travelled through the silence to the old man’s listening ear, and to his wife’s ear, even when the car was relatively far away and beyond their range of vision. They had pondered over the sound, and finally, he had lit the lantern and shuffled out. ―I told her,‖ he said, referring to his wife. ―I told her that I heard the car, I knew it was the car, I told her you were coming.‖

  【阐释】这里Reach the house表明场景转换。本段为门外迎客。主要写了要访问的family的old man出门迎客。

  【翻译】不等蚊子飞进车里,Mamima摇起车窗。两个男孩消失在他们后面。当他们到达房子时,他们发现老人已在verandah『v??r?nd?露台』上等待着,手中提着灯笼。飞蛾在飞来飞去拍打着灯笼,但老人却对这些飞蛾无动于衷。他早早出来,因为听到了远处发动机的震颤。除了猫头鹰的探寻般的叫声和灌木丛中蟋蟀不断奏响的管弦乐,夜晚是寂静的。因此,发动机的震颤穿透这寂静,直达老人的耳朵,连同他妻子的耳朵,即使这辆车还远得看不见呢。他们估摸是发动机的声音,最后老人还是点了灯笼,蹒跚着出来。―我跟她说,‖老人指他的妻子。 ―我跟她说,我听到这辆车来了,我知道就是这辆车,我告诉她你们快到了。‖ Once they were inside, Mamima gave the pot of yoghurt and the pot of sweetmeats to the old lady. ―There was no need,‖ she said. ―Oh really,‖ she said. ―This is too much,‖ she insisted, with the air of one who has just received the Kohinoor diamond as a birthday present. ―Come, come, come,‖ said Chhotomama, with the air of someone who has just given the Kohinoor diamond as a birthday present, and refuses to be overawed by his own generosity. ―It’s nothing.‖ It was nothing, of course, only Ganguram’s sweets and yoghurt, but they fussed and fussed and created the illusion that it was something, something unique and untasted and unencountered.

  【阐释】were inside,进入屋内,场景转换。本段写了屋内这个场景发生的第一件事:送礼。礼物就是一些食品。OK,这段有两个点需要注意。第一是老妇人对礼物的态度。和美国人一般对礼物的态度不同,老妇人先说礼物―用不着‖,一再推辞;而uncle则是一直执意让老妇人收下。作者特意用了一个类比的修辞,把礼物和diamond做了对比。这个细节很重要。第二个需要注意的点是It was nothing,of course引出的作者的评论。

  【翻译】一进屋,Aunt Mamima就拿出一壶yoghurt『'jog?t酸奶』和一罐甜食给老妇人。 ―不用,‖老妇人说。 ―哦,真的,‖Aunt说。 ―这太多了,‖老妇人坚持道,带着刚收到的像是Kohinoor『科伊诺尔』大钻石作为生日礼物的神情。 ―收下吧,拿着,拿着吧‖uncle Chhotomama说,带着像把Kohinoor『科伊诺尔』大钻石作为生日礼物刚送出,但又不会被自己的慷慨大度吓到的神情。―这不算啥。‖这当然不算啥,不过是Ganguram『一个印度的糖果甜品品牌』的点心和酸奶。但他们推来搡去的叽歪个没完,让人都觉得真是啥了不起的东西,是啥独一无二的,从没经历过,遇见过的东西一般。

  The son and the daughter-in-law emerged shyly from the anteroom. They both stooped gently to touch Chhotomama’s feet, and Sandeep’s aunt’s and his mother’s feet, a traditional greeting and a mark of obeisance towards one’s elders.