TPO20 托福独立写作范文

2022-05-24 19:45:30


  Successful people try new things and take risks rather than only doing what they know.

  We are all interested in finding out how successful people gain success. A majority of people claim that successful people tend to take risks and avoid only doing what they already know. This statement is somewhat reliable since successful people indeed do something unusual. However, their unusual behavior is based on things that have been known for a long time.

  Let us take Albert Einstein as the first example. As we all know, he invented the theory of Quantum Mechanics, which was so different from what people already knew in physics. This theory led to his personal success in the field of theoretical physics. However, almost all of us ignore the fact that he also did really well in traditional physics. He made his discovery based on his research on traditional physics. A more recent example is Steve Jobs, who was the chief executive officer of Apple. We usually oversee his achievement in the innovative Apple system and applications. In fact, without deep knowledge of basic computer system or electronic devices, he could not have put his innovation into use. Actually, successful people do take risks after they have done what they have known for sure.

  Basic things can provide proof for innovative actions. Before taking risks, we just need to evaluate the risks and its proof. Anything in the world should have solid proof, or it can never become reality. To become successful, we just need to learn better about basic things, or things we have already known well, in the first place. Just as Steve and Albert, suppose they had no background knowledge at all, how could they have taken risks that are challenging?

  Another importance of things we know is that they enlighten us on different aspects. By the time we do things that are quite familiar well, we can easily find out their limitations and come up with some methods of improvement. Einstein first did his research on lights, which was so familiar with people at that time, and found out some limitations of the characters of lights. Without background information, we just cannot see the little faults, let alone take risks doing something unusual.

  All in all, people who get final success actually do try things and take risks, but actually their risky behavior is based on what they have already known well. So the basic step for their success is to do familiar things well. This must be the philosophy of any successful people, and, should also be the philosophy of all of us as well.