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  雅思11听力答案及解题思路 Test3 Section 1

  Question 1



  MARTIN: The gallery opens at 10. and the 'Family Welcome' event runs from 10.30 until 2 o'clock.

  解题思路:'Family Welcome' event 是定位词,很容易听到起止时间。

  Question 2



  The gallery stays open until 5. And several times during the day, they're going to show a short film that the gallery has produced. It demonstrates how ceramics are made,


  Question 3



  Well there are several free concerts taking place at different times - one or two in the morning, the majority at lunchtime.

  解题思路:the majority 同义表达于题干中的“most of”,答案很容易得出lunchtime。

  Question 4



  MARTIN: It's being repeated several times, in different places. They're performing in the central library at 1 o'clock, then at 4 it's in the City Museum, and in the evening, at 7.30, there's a longer concert, in the theatre.

  解题思路:用4 P.M.和Latin America 进行答题定位,容易听到in the City Museum是答案。

  Question 5



  MARTIN: Something else you might be interested in is the boat race along the river.

  SUE: Oh, yes, do tell me about that.

  MARTIN: The race starts at Offord Marina, to the north of Burnham, and goes as far as Summer Pool. The best place to watch it from is Charlesworth Bridge, though that does get rather crowded.

  解题思路:boat race 很容易定位,begin和start 是同义表达,此题不难。

  Question 6



  MARTIN: Well, local boat clubs, but the standard is very high. One of them came first in the West of England regional championship in May this year - it was the first time a team from Burnham has won. It means that next year they'll be representing the region in the national championship.

  解题思路:one of them 是题干中 one of the boat race teams的同义表达,came first in the West of England 是选项A的同义表达。

  Question 7



  Now I've heard something about Paxton Nature Reserve. It's a good place for spotting unusual birds, isn't it?

  MARTIN: That's right - throughout the year. There is a lake there, as well as a river, and they provide a very attractive habitat.

  解题思路:用Paxton进行听力定位,注意空格前面两个词的改写,spotting unusual 同义于题目中的 seeing rare。注意birds的单复数。

  Question 8



  And just at the moment you can see various flowers that are pretty unusual - the soil at Paxton isn't very common. They're looking good right now.

  解题思路:unusual 是关键词,很容易得出答案是flowers。

  Question 9



  MARTIN: And there's going to be a talk and slide show about mushrooms - and you'll be able to go out and pick some afterwards and study the different varieties.

  解题思路:值得注意的是答案词mushrooms 被前置,pick some 同义于题干的collect。

  Question 10



  SUE: Is it possible for children to swim in a river?

  MARTIN: Yes. Part of it has been fenced off to make it safe for children to swim in. It's very shallow, and there's a lifeguard on duty whenever it's open. The lake is too deep, so swimming isn't allowed there.

  解题思路:原文中的swim in the river 不难听到,后面提到part of it时可以清楚判断答案为river,注意是单数形式。

  雅思11听力答案及解题思路 Test3 Section 2

  Question 11



  Most people used them frequently, but not now, because the bus companies concentrate on just the routes that attract most passengers. So parts of the town are no longer served by buses. Even replacing old uncomfortable buses with smart new ones has had little impact on passenger numbers. It's sometimes said that bus fares are too high, but in relation to average incomes, fares are not much higher than they were 50 years ago.


  Question 12



  Changes in the road network are affecting the town. The centre was recently closed to traffic on a trial basis, making it much safer for pedestrians. The impact of this is being measured. The new cycle paths, separating bikes from cars in most main roads, are being used far more than was expected, reducing traffic and improving air quality.

  解题思路:关键词是 road network 和 most, 自行车道的使用远超过预期。

  Question 13



  Shopping in the town centre has changed over the years. Many of us can remember when the town was crowded with people going shopping. Numbers have been falling for several years, despite efforts to attract shoppers, for instance by opening new car parks. Some people combine shopping with visits to the town's restaurants and cafes. Most shops are small independent stores, which is good, but many people prefer to use supermarkets and department stores in nearby large towns, as there are so few well-known chain stores here.

  解题思路:but引出了答案句,few well-known chain stores 和B选项的 lack of major retailers 是同义改写,因此选择B选项。

  Question 14



  Turning now to medical facilities, the town is served by family doctors in several medical practices - fewer than 50 years ago, but each catering for far more patients. Our hospital closed 15 years ago, which means journeys to other towns are unavoidable.

  解题思路:medical facilities 进行定位,后面直接听到 our hospital closed 15 years ago 对应A选项,B选项未被提及,C选项与原文内容相反。

  Question 15



  On the other hand, there are more dentists than there used to be. Employment patterns have changed, along with almost everything else. The number of schools and colleges has increased, making that the main employment sector. Services, such as website design and accountancy, have grown in importance, and surprisingly, perhaps, manufacturing hasn't seen the decline that has affected it in other parts of the country.

  Now I'll very quickly outline current plans for some of the town's facilities, before asking for your comments.

  解题思路:利用employed 定位听力原文,说到了,学校的数量在增加,成为了主要的就业区,当然选C。

  Question 16



  As you'll know if you regularly use the car park at the railway station, it's usually full. The railway company applied for permission to replace it with a multi-storey car park, but that was refused. Instead, the company has bought some adjoining land, and this will be used to increase the number of parking spaces.

  解题思路:car park 在原文中非常容易听到,instead 表示了强调和转折,出现了答案句。公司买了地,增加了停车区,选G。

  Question 17



  The Grand, the old cinema in the high street, will close at the end of the year, and reopen on a different site.

  解题思路:cinema后提到了reopen a different site,对应选项A。

  Question 18



  I expect many of you shop in the indoor market. It's become more and more shabby- looking, and because of fears about safety, it was threatened with demolition. The good news is that it will close for six weeks to be made safe and redecorated, and the improved building will open in July.

  解题思路:indoor market是重点词,后面说到重新装修,对应选项C。

  Question 19



  Lots of people use the library, including school and college students who go there to study. The council has managed to secure funding to keep the library open later into the evening, twice a week.


  Question 20



  There's no limit on access to the nature reserve on the edge of town, and this will continue to be the case. What will change, though, is that the council will no longer be in charge of the area. Instead it will become the responsibility of a national body that administers most nature reserves in the country.

  解题思路:靠关键词 nature reserve进行定位,后面只提到不再由 council 负责,转而由national body 管理,对应选项F。

  雅思11听力答案及解题思路 Test3 Section 3

  Question 21



  JEREMY: Now, I'm not sure about the drawing of the cave -it's got trees all around it. Which is great, but the drawing's a bit too static, isn't it? I think it needs some action.

  解题思路:本题定位简单,cave后面的内容trees all around it 与题干是同义表达。

  Question 22



  Yes, there's nothing happening. Perhaps I should add the boy - Malcolm, isn't it? He would be walking up to it.

  JEREMY: Yes, let's have Malcolm in the drawing. And what about putting in a tiger - the one that he makes friends with a bit later? Maybe it could be sitting under a tree washing itself.

  解题思路:Malcolm 进行定位,tiger的答案很容易得出。

  Question 23



  Then there's the drawing of the crowd of men and women dancing. They're just outside the forest,and there's a lot going on.

  解题思路:drawing为定位听力原文的关键词,people和men and women是同义表达,就能听到dancing为答案。

  Question 24



  No, he's been left out of all the fun, so I'd like him to be crying that'll contrast nicely with the next picture, where he's laughing at the clowns in the carnival.

  解题思路:tree trunk为定位词,注意干扰项laughing,但是描述的是next picture。

  Question 25



  JEREMY: And then the drawing of the people ice skating in the forest.

  HELEN: I wasn't too happy with that one. Because they're supposed to be skating on grass, aren't they?

  解题思路:用ice-skaters进行听力原文定位,注意介词搭配,skating on grass。

  Question 26



  JEREMY: And I like the wool hats they're wearing. Maybe you could give each of them a scarf, as well.

  解题思路:答案在“Maybe you could give each of them a scarf as well”。

  Question 27



  HELEN: What do you think about including a section on how we planned the project as a whole, Jeremy? That's probably quite important.

  JEREMY: Yeah. Well, you've had most of the good ideas so far. How do you feel about drafting something, then we can go through it together and discuss it?

  解题思路:关键词为planned the project, 男生问 how do you feel about drafting something…? 女生回答OK,对应A选项。

  Question 28



  HELEN: OK, that seems reasonable. And I could include something on how we came up with the ideas for our two stories, couldn't I?

  JEREMY: Well I've started writing something about that, so why don't you do the same and we can include the two things.

  解题思路:难点在于 “I've started writing something about that, so why don't you do the same and we can include the two things. ”意思是两个人都做,之后再进行讨论,对应C选项。

  Question 29



  HELEN: Right. So what about our interpretation of the stories? Do we need to write about what we think they show, like the value of helping other people, all that sort of thing?

  JEREMY: That's going to come up later isn't it? I think everyone in the class is going to read each other's stories and come up with their own interpretations, which we're going to discuss.

  解题思路:interpretation为关键词,听到with their own interpretation时,可以确定D选项,句意为让大家读完之后再给出各自的解释,最后进行讨论。

  Question 30



  JEREMY: No. But we need to write about the illustrations, because they're an essential element of children's experience of reading the stories. It's probably easiest for you to write that section, as you know more about drawing than I do.

  HELEN: Maybe, but I find it quite hard to write about. I'd be happier if you did it.

  解题思路:现有一个小让步,接着女生说“I‘d be happier if you did it”,男生回答说OK,对应B选项。

  雅思11听力答案及解题思路 Test3 Section 4

  Question 31



  Well, businesses are finding that ethnography can offer them deeper insight into the possible needs of customers, either present or future, as well as providing valuable information about their attitudes towards existing products.

  解题思路:利用customer needs进行定位,as well as 和题干中的and为同义表达。

  Question 32



  They saw that the cooks had to check and recheck the contents, because although the measuring cups had numbers inside them, the cooks couldn't see these easily.

  解题思路:cooks 和 measuring up可以定位听力原文,容易得到答案numbers,因为限定词为cups是复数形式,所以答案也是复数形式。

  Question 33



  Because these customers paid in advance for their calls, they were eager to know how much time they'd spent on the call so far.

  解题思路:because 引出的原因句为考点,wanted to check和eager to know为同义表达。

  Question 34



  It was found that a large amount of their work involved communicating with colleagues in order to solve problems, but that they didn't have a standard way of exchanging information from spreadsheets and so on. So the team came up with an idea for software that would help them to do this.

  解题思路:空格前面的develop在原文中同义替换为came up with,software 后面接了一个定语从句,这个部分和空格后面内容一致。

  Question 35



  In another piece of research, a team observed and talked to nurses working in hospitals. This led to the recognition that the nurses needed to access the computer records of their patients, no matter where they were.

  解题思路:nurses needed to access 是原文重现部分,很容易定位,computer records 替代了information,紧接着就出现了答案。

  Question 36



  Occasionally, research can be done even in environments where the researchers can't be present. For example, in one project done for an airline, respondents used their smartphones to record information during airline trips, in a study aiming at tracking the emotions of passengers during a flight.

  解题思路:预读题目时,可以确定答案为一个名词,定位到原文后听到emotion of passengers,即可判断emotions 为答案词。

  Question 37



  The criteria according to which the participants are chosen may be something as simple as the age bracket they fall into, or the researchers may select them according to their income.


  Question 38



  But it's absolutely crucial to recruit the right people as participants. As well as the criteria I've mentioned, they have to be comfortable talking about themselves and being watched as they go about their activities.


  Question 39



  So what makes this type of research special is that it's not just a matter of sending a questionnaire to the participants, instead the research is usually based on first-hand observation of what they are doing at the time.

  解题思路:转折词都是考点,在此题中,instead 表达强调和转折,based on first-hand observation 同义表达于有direct observation。

  Question 40



  Most researchers estimate that 70 to 80 per cent of their time is spent not on the collecting of data but on its analysis - looking at photos, listening to recordings and transcribing them, and so on.

  解题思路:原文中的 70 to 80 percent of their time is spent 是空处前 a lot of time is needed的同义表达,but 后的重心是此题的答案。