雅思剑桥11test4 答案解析

2022-05-23 22:47:18

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  Section 2

  Question 11



  For one thing, we have a fine collection of twentieth and twenty-first century paintings, many by very well-known artists. I'm sure you'll recognise several of the paintings. This is the gallery that attracts the largest number of visitors.

  解题思路:This is the gallery...这句是说画廊吸引了最多的观众,对应E选项。Many by very well-known artists 意为许多是知名画家的作品,容易误选D,需要仔细读题。

  Question 12



  Then there are the nineteenth-century paintings. The museum was opened in the middle of that century, and several of the artists each donated one work.

  解题思路:several of the artists…这句是答案句,对应选项D。选项中的given和原文的donated是同义替换表达。

  Question 13



  You'll need to come back next year to see it properly, but a number of the sculptures have been moved to other parts of the museum.

  解题思路:moved 同义替换 relocated,对应选项G,虽然E有干扰,但是fine exhibits 不能取代选项中的最高级,另外E选项已经被选了,所以也很好排除。

  Question 14



  Around the world' is a temporary exhibition- you've probably seen something about it on TV or in the newspapers.

  解题思路:on TV or in the newspapers 替代了选项中的media,对应选项B。

  Question 15



  Then there's the collection of coins. This is what you might call a focused, specialist collection, because all the coins come from this country, and were produced between two thousand and a thousand years ago. And many of them were discovered by ordinary people digging their gardens, and donated to the museum!

  解题思路:ordinary people和 the public是同义替换,donated 和given 是同义替换,选项C符合。

  Question 16



  All our porcelain and glass was left to the museum by its founder…

  解题思路:本题距离15题的答案区域非常接近,不太来得及反应,A选项中的one person 和答案句中的founder是同义替换。

  Question 17



  We have a very good restaurant, which serves excellent food all day, in a relaxing atmosphere. To reach it. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, go straight ahead to the far side of the sitting area, then turn right into the corridor. You'll see the door of the restaurant facing you.

  解题思路:原文提到走到sitting area 尽头右拐进入走廊,对面的房间即为F,难点主要是确定右拐这个方向。

  Question 18



  If you just want a snack, or if you'd like to eat somewhere with facilities for children, we also have a cafe. When you reach the bottom of the stairs, you'll need to go straight ahead, turn right into the corridor, and the café is immediately on the right.


  Question 19



  And talking about children, there are babychanging facilities downstairs: cross the sitting area, continue straight ahead along the corridor on the left, and you and your baby will find the facilities on the left-hand side.


  Question 20



  The cloakroom, where you should leave coats, umbrellas and any large bags, is on the left hand side of the sitting area. It's through the last door before you come to the corridor.

  解题思路:文中提到在沙发休闲区的左侧,解题的关键在于要听到 last door before you come to the corridor,也就是进走廊前的最后一个门,对应B选项。

  Section 3

  Question 21 & Question 22

  答案:B D (in either order)


  D: they‘d done quite extensive tours in different continents...

  B: I wasn't specifically looking for artists who'd produced recordings, but this is something that's just taken for granted these days, arid they all had.

  解题思路:They‘d done quite extensive tours in different continents 对应选项D;后面提到recordings,以及they all had,对应B选项。

  Question 23 & Question 24

  答案:A B (in either order)


  JOANNA: I‘d thought it might ... it was all quite informal though and in fact they seemed very keen to talk. A: And I don't think using the phone meant I got less rich data, rather the opposite in fact.

  B: if I was going to interview leading musicians it’d only be possible over the phone

  解题思路:telephone interviews 定位后很容易听到B选项。后面提到担心录音质量,但是worked out all right,排除E;关于时间,提到至少半小时,有的会更长一些,所以排除D选项;后面虽然说了stressful,但是又说受访者很乐意交谈,C排除。最后说我不认为电话访谈获取的信息少,选A。

  Question 25 & Question 26

  答案:B E (in either order)


  JOANNA: …B: When I started I was more interested in trying to investigate the impact of what was worn on those listening, and also…E: whether someone like a violinist might adopt a different style of clothing from, say, someone playing the flute or the trumpet.

  解题思路:抓住题干中的originally,因此录音中的 when I started 预示着后面内容为题目答案;后面提到 trying to investigate… 意为试图调查着装对听听众的影响,对应选项B;紧接着说了whether someone like a …意为是否一个小提琴手会从笛子或喇叭演奏者那里借鉴不同风格的服装,对应选项E。

  Question 27



  SUPERVISOR: You only had women performers in your study. Was that because male musicians are less worried about fashion?

  JOANNA: I think a lot of the men are very much influenced by fashion, but in social terms the choices they have are more limited ... they'd really upset audiences if they stayed away from quite narrow boundaries.

  解题思路:women performance 进行定位比较简单,女说男人更容易被时尚所影响,排除A;接着提到在社会规则下男人对服装的选择更有限,对应C选项。

  Question 28



  SUPERVISOR: Hmm. Now, popular music has quite different expectations. Did you read Mike Frost's article about the dress of women performers in popular music?


  SUPERVISOR: He points out that a lot of female singers and musicians in popular music tend to dress down in performances, and wear less feminine clothes, like jeans instead of skirts, and he suggests this is because otherwise they'd just be discounted as trivial.


  Question 29



  JOANNA: The subjects I interviewed felt this was really important. It's all to do with what we understand by performance as a public event. They believed the audience had certain expectations and it was up to them as performers to fulfill these expectations, to show a kind of esteem ...

  SUPERVISOR: ... they weren't afraid of looking as if they'd made an effort to look good.

  解题思路:audience at a performance 进行定位比较容易,后面提到表演者要满足观众预期,以示尊重;对应选项A,esteem和respect是同义表达。

  Question 30



  JOANNA: And I also got interested in what sports scientists are doing too, with regard to clothing.

  SUPERVISOR: Musicians are quite vulnerable physically, aren't they, because the movements they carry out are very intensive and repetitive, so I'd imagine some features of sports clothing could safeguard the players from the potentially dangerous effects of this sort of thing.


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