2022-06-05 21:56:37


  1. as在gmat比较结构中多做连词代出一个主谓结构, 只指引出一个名词不符合语法习惯. OG126A (小心判断as引出的结构).

  2. as…as 肯定和否定句都可以用, so…as 只能用于否定句, as…as除了可以表示像…一样外, 还可以用于concessive clause, 相当于though, 让步, 主从有对比意思, 且主从主语要相同, Eg. As ill-prepared as they are, they nevertheless find good jobs.

  3. As表示一段时间, 尤其是指一个渐进的过程OG84 (as aging)--as: two situations which develop or change together. As I get older, I get more optimistic, 而when是”at that time”, OG1E, when: refer to ages and periods of time. when I was a child, we in in london; while表示two actions happen at the same time. while you are reading the information, I am working.

  4. as(OG207), for(大全140)可以在句中引导原因状语从句.

  5. 表示动作的程度用so...that(that引出具体的explanation, OG136A), to(so和adj之间不能有别的东西, OG136C; OG103D的so much…as to错误; OG88A是正确的样子)只用于简单的系表结构当中, 因为要求动作发起人和句子主语相同; so as to不能加情态动词, 不能含有时态, 很多时候需要改成so…that.

  6. so as to前后主语要相同, 如果不行的话就换成so that, 其中that可以去掉, 不去更好, 而且关键是so that可以接情态动词; OG88B, OG39C, 使用so that的时候一定要注意主语的, 如果有模糊的嫌疑就可以选择更换分词伴随句子, 大全362.

  7. 经典分析: OG171, so as to做目的状语, 而so as to前面有两个限定动词sought和have, 造成修饰上面的歧义, 不知道是sought…so as to, 还是have…allulled so as to.

  8. such functions to mean "of a kind" rather than to intensify abundant, such用来举例, so用来强调, 表达的语意重心不同, OG20, 这个是重要考点.