GMAT语法备考要点之关于Set Phrase的总结

2022-06-10 20:37:07

  1. be believed to be

  2. be estimated to be

  3. distinguish between A and B/ distinguish A from B

  4. rates for(when ‘rates’ means prices charge)

  5. the cost to sb of doing sth; cost sb sth in sth

  6. attribute A to B; B is attributed to A

  7. in the coming moth

  8. admit that SVO/admit to sth

  9. introduce into

  10. in an attempt to

  11. known to do sth/known to be sth/known as sth;/known for sth

  12. the extent to which

  13. be necessary to do/the necessity of doing/sth

  14. consider n1 n2

  15. in danger of

  16. cite A as an instance of B; for instance

  17. all things adj/all the adj things

  18. credit[v] sb with having done/the credit[n] to sb for having done

  19. substitute A for B

  20. be expected to