GMAT 管卫东GWD阅读改版综合解析五

2022-05-29 15:59:18

  在GMAT考试的整个过程中需要我们对GMAT阅读及相关信息有一个全面的认知和了解,小编也希望大家通过GMAT GWD阅读知识的了解能够更好的帮助我们解决在GMAT考试中阅读方面的问题,从而更好的帮助我们应对GMAT考试。

  GWD3-Q5 to Q7:

  In 1994, a team of scientists led by David Mckay began studying the meteorite ALH84001, which had been discovered in Antarctica in 1984. Two years later, the McKay team announced that ALH84001, which scientists generally a

  Skepticism about the McKay team’s claim remains, however. For example, ALH84001 has been on earth for 13,000 years, suggesting to some scientists that its PAH’s might have resulted form terrestrial contamination. However, McKay’s team has demon stated that the concentration of PAH’s increases as one looks deeper into ALH84001, contrary to what one would expect from terrestrial contamination. The skeptic’s strongest argument, however, is that processes unrelated to organic life can easily produce all the evidence found by McKay’ s team, including PAH’s. For example, star formation produces PAH’s. Moreover, PAH’s frequently appear in other meteorites, and no one attributes their presence to life processes. Yet McKay’s team notes that the particular combination of PAH’s in ALH84001 is more similar to the combinations produced by decaying organisms than to those originating form nonbiological processes.

  Q5: The passage asserts which of the following about the claim that ALH84001 originated on Mars?

  A. It was initially proposed by the McKay team of scientists.

  B. It is not a matter of widespread scientific dispute.

  C. It has been questioned by some skeptics of the McKay team’s work.

  D. It has been undermined by recent work on PAH’s.

  E. It is incompatible with the face that ALH84001 has been on Earth for 13,000 years.

  Q6: The primary purpose of the passage is to

  A. describe new ways of studying the possibility that life once existed on Mars

  B. revise a theory regarding the existence of life on Mars in light of new evidence

  C. reconcile conflicting viewpoints regarding the possibility that life once existed on Mars

  D. evaluate a recently proposed argument concerning the origin of ALH84001

  E. describe a controversy concerning the significance of evidence from ALH84001

  Q7: The passage suggests that the fact that ALH84001 has been on earth for 13,000 years has been used by some scientists to support which of the following claims about ALH84001?

  A. ALH84001 may not have originated on Mars.

  B. ALH84001 contains PAH’s that are the result of nonbiological processes.

  C. ALH84001 may not have contained PAH’s when it landed on Earth.

  D. The organic molecules found in ALH84001 are not PAH’s.

  The organic molecules found in ALH84001 could not be the result of terrestrial contamination.