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  Example1 (Difficulty Level: 700).

  Whenever a major airplane accident occurs, there is a dramatic increase in thenumber of airplane mishaps reported in the media, a phenomenon that may lastfor as long as a few months after the accident. Airline officials assert thatthe publicity given the gruesomeness of major airplane accidents focuses mediaattention on the airline industry, and the increase in the number of reportedaccidents is caused by an increase in the number of news sources coveringairline accidents, not by an increase in the number of accidents.

  Which of the following, if true, wouldseriously weaken the assertions of the airline officials?

  A. The publicity surrounding airlineaccidents is largely limited to the country in which the crash occurred.

  B. Airline accidents tend to occur far moreoften during certain peak travel months.

  C. News organizations do not have anyguidelines to help them decide how severe an accident must be for it to receivecoverage.

  D. Airplane accidents receive coverage bynews sources only when the news sources find it advantageous to do so.

  E. Studies by government regulations showthat the number of airplane flight miles remains relatively constant from monthto month.


  1.Question“Which of the following, if true, wouldseriously weaken the assertions of the airline officials? ”

  2.Argument: “Whenever a … accident”(问题前面的整段话)

  3. Choices

  我们解题,第一步看Question。这题,问的是weaken. 90%的GMAT题目都是在问如何weaken(削弱), support(支持), evaluate(评估) the argument 或者是这个argument的assumption (假设)是什么

  一旦题目问的是weaken, support, evaluation orassumption,我们接下来第二步就是需要阅读argument并且找出其line of reasonings (也叫作logical tree)


  Ifp, then q (前提1)

  P (前提2)



  要在GMAT Critical Reasoning拿到满分,同学们应该对形式逻辑中常见的推理形式(例如简单归纳法,由因到果的推理,由果到因的推理(溯因推理,假说演绎推理,求异法,求同法),类比推理等)十分熟悉。一个argument往往由1个甚至数个reasoning构成,同学们在快速阅读理解后,应该在头脑中(也可借助草稿纸简单标注)形成作者的推理形式并分析出他用了哪一(几)种推理形式。例如本题就用到了溯因推理(Abduction)。